Solavei New Rate Plan In Effect

Solavei New Rate Plan In Effect

By: Margaret Swomgirl Gore

SOLAVEI NEWSolavei New Rate Plan In Effect Solavei is very excited to introduce its new unlimited rate plans, with unlimited voice, text & data starting at $39/month! Each monthly rate plan – $39, $49, or $69 – includes unlimited voice, text and data, with the freedom to choose how much high-speed data you need.

Don’t need Data Solavei has a new $29.00 plan! Why throw dollars down the drain when you can pocket the extra cash!

Solavei New Rate Plan In Effect

Solavei Sign-up-now button

Choose The Plan That’s Right For You! $39mo*




  •   10 Social media posts + pics
  •   20 Web pages
  •   50 Emails

Calculations of data usage are estimates only; actual amount of data used may vary significantly.

Don’t need data? Get unlimited voice + text for $29/mo*

Additional Information


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Solavei – Owning Your Own Business Allows For Many Tax Breaks

Solavei –  Owning Your Own Business Allows For Many Tax Breaks

Learn how you can take advantage of the incredible tax benefits of owning your own business with Solavei. This webinar could save you THOUSANDS of dollars and impact your financial future.

Go Here To Watch Video’s And Get More Info

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Secrets On How To Become A Great Leader

Secrets On How To Become A Great Leader

solavei love this use on facebook 4

There are so many great leaders who have accomplished what may have seemed as impossible at the time. Communication is what makes the world go around. It helps us understand others and helps others understand us.
What are the qualities of a good leader?

First, you must be able to get people to trust you. You can do that by developing two qualities: you must be able to speak, act, think, and decide on deals while keeping people in mind. In other words, being thoughtful makes someone a good leader. The other aspect of being a great leader in terms of communication is openness.


You have to be willing to get personal, share a little bit of who you are. writes, “Classic business theory tells leaders to stay at arm’s length. I say stay at arm’s length if you want to remain in the dark receiving only highly sanitized versions of the truth. If you don’t develop meaningful relationships with people you’ll never know what’s really on their mind until it’s too late to do anything about it.”

( Of course, this is a balancing act. You do not want to be too open and share too much information.
The next quality in terms of communication secrets of great leaders is clarity. You have to be clear in the way you communicate with your peers, superiors, and employees. Forbes adds, “Simple and concise is always better than complicated and confusing. Time has never been a more precious commodity than it is today. It is critical leaders learn how to cut to the chase and hit the high points”

solavei no cell phone bill until 2014


Another quality in a great leader is his or her ability to share their ideas whilst still gathering ideas. They are capable of transferring ideas and sharing their vision in a clear and concise manner. They are capable of focusing on their goals. Forbes has a really good point regarding this trait, “When you truly focus on contributing more than receiving you will have accomplished the goal. Even though this may seem counter-intuitive, by intensely focusing on the other party’s

solavei small small 3

wants, needs & desires, you’ll learn far more than you ever would by focusing on your agenda.”

Okay, so you have to be open minded as a communicator. You cannot be close minded to new opportunities and ideas. “A leader takes their game to a whole new level the minute they willingly seek out those who hold dissenting opinions and opposing positions with the goal not of convincing them to change their minds, but with the goal of understanding what’s on their mind.”
In order to be open-minded, you need to put yourself on pause and listen to others. “

Simply broadcasting your message ad nauseum will not have the same result as engaging in meaningful conversation, but this assumes that you understand that the greatest form of discourse takes place within a conversation, and not a lecture or a monologue.”

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How To Tap Into Your Inner Power!

How To Tap Into Your Inner Power!


When you first wake up, you’re in a state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) where your subconscious is most open to suggestion. Make sure you’re reading affirmations and/or practicing affirmations (questions to yourself)which will allow you to tap into your inner powers. As simple of an exercise this is, most people pass up on this great opportunity we are given right before we fall asleep and when we first wake up (the ability to suggest whatever

it is we like to have in our life…into our mind), which is what creates everything around us. Caution: Be careful with what you suggest. For example…if you want to eliminate debt in your life, you would not mention the word Debt. Instead you would say something like: I continue to have massive abundance and wealth flow easily into my life. Another example if you feel you’re not attracting the right type of people…you wouldn’t say:

breakthrough quote

I don’t attract negative people. Instead you would focus on the positive…focus on the end result: I attract positive, high vibrating people into my life on a daily basis. Also, as you go through your day, stay positive. I know we all hear that all the time but the question is…are you implementing it? Truthfully…are you?

Remember, we all vibrate at certain energy frequencies depending on our mood and whats n our mind is what is around us. You will only attract high energy frequencies and positive people if you are FIRST in that state yourself. I like to always say: You don’t ever need to carry a mirror around, simply look at those around you, as they are a reflection of yourself. Folks, it all starts within, and if you try to shortcut that….you’ll find yourself going in circles. There is no shortcut.




Work on yourself, truly help others, have an intention for everything and anything you do. It there is something that is not working towards your goal/dream/vision….release it and let it go.

It ALL starts with YOU.

Keep working towards greatness because you
deserve it and those around you do as well

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What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

“If you’re dreaming it, it’s part of your life’s purpose!” 

My day was blessed and my continued journey further confirmed and set in further motion because of what I hear in a video sent to me this morning.

I have been on this journey for quite some time and my journey is taking a different turn that I have been fighting but also trying to embrace at the same time.  Little did I know that fighting and embracing cannot coexist.  There can be no true harmony like this.

This video was so timely and it helped me to feel EMPOWERED about what I know is coming for me and I am now not afraid and will not be guided by someone else’s vision. I know what is in my heart and what I am called to do & I will not go into 2014 waiting for permission for fear of what others will think.

I am starting NOW!

I really hope this video can help you in some way. And no…it’s not my own video or some shameless promotion.

I really know what it’s like to feel like you’re just standing there with no understanding of where you should go or what you should do and what it’s like to be afraid for fear that no one has given you permission or waiting for authorization. 

I know what it feels like to wonder if it’s really the right move. 


I know what it feels like to think you aren’t “ready,” and so you do nothing, meanwhile your goals, visions and mission go unfulfilled and you sit in limbo being unfulfilled yourself.

Be on the look out for some really good and insightful stuff over the coming weeks as we move and propel into 2014!

2013 was a good year.

But 2014 will blow your mind…& I really hope you’re not merely on the outside looking in! 

I’m going! That’s all I know!


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Mobile Marketing Using Social Media

Mobile Marketing Using Social Media


When advertising to customers through mobile marketing, make yourself and your brand known immediately. Customers are less likely to buy products or services from those who don’t identify themselves right away. Doing so will make you seem more trustworthy, and make your products and services seem more appealing.

Keep track of what your competition is doing. Are your competitors sending out messages on their customers’ cell phones? Find out what kind of techniques they are using. If your competitors do not have a website that can be easily accessed via cell phone, this could be your chance to steal some of their customers.

Use a multimedia messaging service to send a greeting to your customers. Make your message personal but simple. Using the simple personal theme will allow you to be able to send the same themed message to a group of customers instead of having to personalize each greeting card, saving you time.


Include audio and video in your mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is more than text messages and e-mails. Today, with faster mobile download speeds, audio and video are key components to any successful strategy. Consider offering audio or video podcasts, short audio interviews or live, on-the-scene video to your media mix.

To make sure your needs as an advertiser are met, take the time to find a mobile marketing company that’s a good fit for you. Many companies specialize in marketing certain types of products or in certain aspects of mobile marketing, and may not excel at what you need them for.

When creating content for your mobile campaign, you should keep in mind that only a few phones and tablets can display content as fast as computers. You should do your best to create content that will load very quickly on most devices and that can be easily displayed on a small screen.


Do not send a message that does not clearly state who you are and what kind of business you have. Make sure your mobile campaign contains your name or the name of your brand. If you are just starting a new brand, you should quickly explain what kind if products or services you sell.

Now that you have an idea on where to start crafting your own mobile marketing plan, the next step is to make a task list. Then create time in your schedule which is dedicated to mobile marketing. Are you ready to apply what you read to your business? If you can do so diligently, and patiently, you can reap rich rewards.

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Solavei Representative In Michigan

Solavei Representative In Michigan

Your Solavei Representative in Michigan is Margaret Gore/ Unlimited Voice/ Text/And Data For $49.00. Refer 3 And Its Free!

Keep Your Phone Number
Your phone number is your connection to your world – why change it? When you switch to Solavei, you can easily port over your current phone number. And if you want a new number – we can totally do that too.

Solavei try this banner may work


Unlimited Voice, Text & Data
4G Nationwide Network
Only $49/month!

Solavei On T-Mobile Netork

solavei---T-Mobile store sign
Everyone wants great mobile service at a great price – Solavei has it! Join Solavei to start saving right away and the opportunity to earn free mobile service and more when you tell people about the great value of Solavei.
Solavei $49.00  AT&T $129.00 /Verizon $109/Sprint$129 
solavei facebook bring 3 friend its free
Unlimited Voice, Text and 4GB Data Unlimited (Voice, Text and Data) Unlimited (Voice, Text and Data)
Earn Monthly Income


Keep in touch with friends and family who live outside the U.S. with Solavei International Long Distance calling.
Solavei offers the most competitive rates to over 200 countries around the world.
Pay As You Go

Solavei international Long Distance doesn’t require an access code- just simply dial as you would from a landline.
Text Away!

Your basic Solavei mobile service plan already includes unlimited text and MMS, both domestic and international.
Learn More
Nationwide 4G Service with No Contracts
Solavei runs on one of the nation’s fastest 4G networks, so you get great service wherever you work, play, and everywhere in between.
Check service coverage in your area

Remember you can Bring Your Own Phone or Get a Great Deal on New Phones

If you can’t bear to part with your current phone, don’t worry – any unlocked GSM phone will work GREAT on the Solavei network, including most iPhones. Or buy one of the latest and greatest, Solavei-ready phones from our phone retail partner, GSM Nation.
Learn more about Phone options
Keep Your Phone Number

Your phone number is your connection to your world – why change it? When you switch to Solavei, you can easily port over your current phone number. And if you want a new number – we can totally do that too.

Learn more about how to transfer your phone number to Solavei
Manage Your Account with MySolavei
MySolavei is your one-stop online resource where you can easily manage your account, view and pay your bill, find answers with online tutorials and FAQs, and much more. You can log into MySolavei at from your web and mobile browser.

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Solavei Of Michigan Representative

Solavei Of Michigan Representative

By: Margaret  Gore solavei one month free Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks.   solavei Free Free Free Facebook Ad Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei Sign-up-now button Solavei is one of the newer providers prepaid service. For $49 per month, Solavei gives you unlimited talk and text and 4 GB of high-speed 4G data, after which 2G throttling occurs. there’s no contract. The 4 GB data allotment is higher than most other providers in the industry at a very similar price point. But that’s where things really get interesting. At a glance Solavei Button

Partner Network(s): T-Mobile Package Details: Unlimited voice, text, and data (data limited to 4 GB/month of high-speed 4G data, after which 2G throttling occurs) Monthly Fee: $49 Sign-up Fee: $9 for the SIM card Perks: Referral program (see below) The Solavei Difference $49 per month is cheaper than what you’re likely paying , but if $49 for unlimited talk, text, and 4 GB of high-speed 4G data wasn’t a good enough deal for you, Solavei has a unique twist: they pay you for using Solavei’s service. You get paid for referring their service. It’s a basic referral program as with most other products, but unlike other referral programs, the payout isn’t limited to a one-time disbursement. Solavei will pay you every month for your referrals (Details Below)

How has Solavei made it possible to pay members well its because they do not spend money on their own marketing. They believe in the power of social marketing – that is, people like you and i.. to bring other people to see the service. Obviously, the more customers Solavei has, the more money they have, and the more money they have, the more money they can pay the people doing the work in promoting the product.Solavei’s Compensation Plan If your not interested in the business and $49 per month is enough for you, and you have no interest in trying to share and refer others to Solavei, that’s perfectly fine. on the other hand. If you’d like to make a supplemental income for just referring others ….I have more good news for you!. continue reading this section for an explanation of Solavei’s pay structure. Solavei’s pay structure consists of Trio Pay, Path Pay, and a Fast Action Bonus (FAB). Trio Pay Solavei Compensation Plan Overview Solavei pays on a “Trio”-basis extending down one level from your direct referrals (click to enlarge). Solavei has a concept of “Trios” — a set of 3 unique referred subscribers — and each Trio you have results in a monthly stipend to you, the referrer. In other words, if you sign up 3 people with your referral link, you receive $20/month for as long as that Trio is active. Trio benefits cascade two levels upward to your sponsor (referrer), so when you fulfill a Trio and earn $20/month,your sponsor receives $10.00. This payment is called “Trio Pay”.

Fast Action Bonus For the first 60 days of your service, Solavei will pay one-time bonuses for each completed Trio known as a Fast Action Bonus (“FAB”). For each completed Trio (up to 4, for a total of 12 people) you directly enroll during your FAB period, you receive an additional $50 one-time payment. Path Pay Solavei Compensation Plan: Path Pay Solavei pays you based on your network size, in addition to your direct Trio pay (click to enlarge). Solavei’s final form of payment is the “Path Pay”. As your Personal Network (the sum of your Direct Network referrals plus your Extended Network [second level referrals]) expands, Solavei will pay you an additional monthly tier-based bonus. Find The Full compensation On The Company Website Compensation Disclosure Statement on their website .Full Disclosure: I am not a Solavei employee. I am a Solavei Social Member 

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How You Can Become Self Reliant

How You Can Become Self Reliant

 By: The Blog Strategist

positive quote

What does it mean to be self reliant? Well, it means being able to rely on yourself. That is of course a circle definition. But I say that in order to wake up the mind of the reader. “Self-reliant” has become a single phrase that is analogous with independence. It is important to break down the term into its parts in order to understand the true meaning.

What leads to a feeling of being able to rely on yourself? Well, to take an old metaphor, it is the feeling that you will land on your feet. No matter what situation you are thrown into, you feel you will be able to survive it. Further, you feel that you will be able to come out of it better than when you went in. Lastly, you feel that you will not be pushed off course, or will be able to change course as needed and still move towards goals that are meaningful to you.

succes quotes

When looked at in this manner it is more clear that self reliance isn’t about independence, it’s about balance. A self reliant person is not cut off from the others around them, nor are they completely able to meet all of their own needs without anyone else’s help. That is not true of 99.9% of humanity and that is as it should be. Humans evolved as social creatures, and our reliance on our communities is what allowed us to survive as a species. Self-reliant people are not cut off from their societies, instead, they are those who have found a way to work within their societies in ways that benefit themselves and others.

solavei one month free

Bill Clinton states that, “There’s no difference between selfish and selfless if you understand how the world works.” This points to the fact that the world is interconnected. Humans are not born into a vacuum. Each of us lives our lives in the company of others. Our actions have effects on others and their actions have an effect on us. Furthermore, humanity is just one species of billions on the planet, and the planet is just one of 8 in the solar system, the sun just one star of…you get the point. Every piece of the world acts on and affects all of the other pieces. The only real question is to what degree?

focus on what matters

Once this is understood it is clear that actions taken to help others also end up helping yourself. While actions taken to help the self can also benefit others. Self reliant people learn to strike a balance with society in which they are taking actions to help themselves, therefore creating more productive members of society, and benefiting society as a whole. As things add up, self reliant people end up being a net positive to society and those who strike even or are a net negative are not considered self reliant.

The nuts of bolts of self reliance is often listed as doing their own laundry or paying bills on time. Once we break down what self reliance is, we can see that these standards are put in place so that individuals are not burdening others with tasks they can accomplish for themselves, therefore freeing others to handle other tasks that benefit society and so create a net positive for everyone.

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