A Business In A Box Can And Will Work

A Business In A Box Can And Will Work

By: The Blog Strategist


I have to admit, the steam is coming out of my ears right now as I am writing this. Want to know why? Well, you’re going to have to keep reading beyond this paragraph to find out. The question I’m ultimately going to answer is this one. “Do business in a box solutions work?” However, before I answer it, I’m going to tell you why steam is coming out of my ears right now.

A Business In A Box Can And Will Work

Today, on the Warrior Forum, somebody made a bold blanket statement that business in a box solutions, or template websites do not work. I wonder if he was speaking from experience or if he was just giving his opinion? Let me tell you something about absolutes.

Absolutes will kill you when it comes to running a home business. Anybody who tells you that such and such a thing will or won’t work 100% of the time, is feeding you a bunch of bull. And that should give you some idea where I’m going with my answer. So let’s get to it. Do business in a box solutions work?

A Business In A Box Can And Will Work

They can. Notice I didn’t say they do or will all the time. They can. A lot of factors go into whether these business in a box solutions work or not. I am going to go over the main ones here.

At the top of the list is competition. If somebody sells you a business in a box solution for a niche that has millions of sites competing in that niche, some of which are spending millions of dollars in ad money, your chance of success is slim to none. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but it’s going to be VERY hard. On the other hand, if you buy a solution in a wide open niche, you’ve got a very good chance of succeeding.

A Business In A Box Can And Will Work

After competition, next comes your work ethic. No business in a box solution is going to work by you just tossing the site up on the Internet and doing nothing else. You’re going to have to promote that site. You may even have to spend a little money to do it. The Internet is a huge place, and nobody is going to see your site unless you let them know it’s there. Heck, even a custom one of a kind site can’t make money if you don’t promote it.

Finally, there is what you do with the business in a box to make it unique to YOU. Just because it’s a boxed solution doesn’t mean you can’t make some minor changes in order to make that site stand out from the rest. Also, you can add things to the site. A solution like this is not meant to really be a pull it out of the box deal. You’re supposed to make changes. The solution is provided so that you don’t have to do a lot of work…not so you don’t have to do ANY work at all.

So yes, a business in box solution CAN work…just like anything else in life.

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