Be Inspired To Be Successful In Your Home Business

Be Inspired To Be Successful In Your Home Business
If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t expect anyone to know directions on how to get there.
If you walk into a travel agent and want to go on a trip, what’s the first thing they say to you?
Where do you want to go?
A travel agent can’t help you book a trip if you don’t know where you want to take a trip to.
Your subconscious mind is the same way….
It’s just like a travel agent.
Tell it where you want to go and it will figure out the best way to get you there.
If you know where you want to go and find other people who’ve been there before you, you can also ask them, how did they get there?
Want to speak on stage in front of large audiences?
Find someone who’s been there before and ask them how they got there.
Want to run a marathon?
Want to build a business from home?
….. learn to play the piano?
—– fly a plane?
….. learn to surf?
Having a destination and goal picked out is more important than how it will be accomplished.
Your mind is like a gps… tell it where you want to go and it will find you the directions to get there.
It may not be instantaneous, but be on the lookout for signs and clues…. they will come and if you follow them, you will get there.
So the moral of this post is simple….
If you are continuously getting mixed results in life it’s because your goals have been mixed.
It’s time to get your goals fixed. And by ‘FIXED’ I mean….. pick a point and stick to it.
Find something that you want and don’t move away from it until you get it.
Find it… believe it…. know it …. and go get it!
Always remember, if you don’t stop until you get there, you get there everytime.
– Billy Funk

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