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A Single Moms Home Based Business

A Single Moms Home Based Business

By: Margaret Gore

Just join, don’t ask questions and you’ll get more info later.

Still In Prelaunch

Margaret Gore

People with no skills, no talent, no downline, no common sense will still make money with this following our lead even if they “Never” make a single referral and “Never” have anyone below them.


P.S.  If you want to wait or find out more, see below, but pre-register first.


There is no requirement to sponsor or sell anyone anything here in order to earn.

Jubirev is an offshore revenue sharing program and the marketing arm for JubiMax.

Jubimax is a cutting edge ecommerce portal that allows consumers huge savings (up to 80%) on high demand products and services.

This program brings together 4 of the hottest selling items in the product market as well as a travel and shopping aspect all integrated into a unique revenue share model, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The Income Opportunity is only as good as the Product and this Company has gone all out to to deliver something very special.


Weight loss (There will be a JubiTrainer offering hundreds of different exercises )

Energy Drinks

Vitality products


Travel component (Jubi Resort Membership where members will get Travel reward benefits )

Shopping Cash back (Jubi Rebates where people can save on every day things that they already do anyway)

Never has a Revenue Share Model been constructed in this way before and we are in on something from day one who is going to be very special and immensely lucrative to all those who take this seriously and build their business.

We will be allowed to give away samples of all of these various products and also give away Jubi Cards to customers.

These are virtual cards which are loaded with Jubi Bucks!

To qualify you must:

Place Ads daily:  Our team will be using the automatic facebook system we used in the 2012 company created by our own programer.

** You can convert up to 60% of your JubiBucks into cash ( withdraw )

** You can convert some “Jubi Bucks”to be able to cover your monthly membership (There are 4 monthly memberships each with their own special benefits  – $15, $50, $100, $200)

** You can use some “Jubi Bucks” for the purchase of personal products for yourself…Even as you do this you get paid a matching 50% in Jubi Points.

** You can give your “Jubi Bucks” away to other leaders who might have need /customers who can uses these extra bucks.

There are 10 ways to with this company as well as a Revenue Share model.

At present, we cannot speak of the 10 different ways as this has not been disclosed but we can discuss the Revenue Share Model.

** The company shares up to 50% of it’s daily revenue with it’s members.

** You earn on “Jube Points” which continue to earn daily up to 105 days

** Referral commission run down 3 complete levels which is a significant enhancement over previous model.

Level 1 REFERRALS earn you 10% – No limit
Level 2 REFERRALS earn you 5% – No limit
Level 3 REFERRALS earn you 1% – No limit

Apart from the above, a member can earn an additional 0.5% through an additional 8 levels in a uni-level plan, even if those people were given to you by your upline.

Unique to this program is a feature called the Jubi Suite.

This is essential a 60 day holding tank during which time a sponsor/enroller may shift his/her direct referrals under anyone in the program.

This is a useful feature for bigger recruiters and they can shorten their frontline in favor of more depth which ultimately gives more STABILITY and of course benefits every member in the downline as they can have random placements of downline from upline.  So the more aggressive your sponsor is, the more he can benefit you and reward you over and above what the company does for you.

A sponsor still receives all referral commissions owed to him from any member who is placed but the members under which he build will benefit from receiving 0.5% daily from any member placed under him.

The actual products are due to be ready to send out in about 3 weeks time so as soon as all is ready from this end, the program will start.

During Pre-launch, members only see the details of their Level 1 downline but when this goes into launch, everything will be visible.

This is a global opp right out of the gates this company will be able to ship to 60 different Countries worldwide.


Margaret Gore

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Home Business With No Sponsoring Jubi Rev / Jubi Max

Home Business With No Sponsoring Jubi Rev / Jubi Max

By: Margaret Gore

First Step Up Front:

You are welcome to think what you want about Zeek Rewards, but no company has ever helped so many people all over the world make money without any downline at all every single day.  Jubi “Will” be the next company to do this, do it longer, more efficiently and with even more success.

Our upline built a wonderful team of over 466,000 people around the world and believes Jubi will be even bigger.  Join with me on our team today.

Pre-Register Now and make sure you see Margaret Gore as “Enroller”

Jubi has products, training already in place, growing much faster than Zeek in the beginiing, far better tools, it’s offshore, more than one person at the helm, got more people involved in the first three days than Zeek Rewards did in their first 6 months.

Jubi is “Not” a copy cat of Zeek like many other companies trying to chase the penny auction concept and not realizing penny auctions weren’t what made Zeek great.  It was the concept, the people and the attitude of sharing that made it work so well and had people from all over the world flying to North Carolina just for the chance to meet the man behind it.

Don’t wait to see if it really launches. Join now.

Don’t wait to see if people actually get paid daily.  Pre-Register with me now.

Don’t wait to see if what the negative people say comes true.  Join now.

Don’t wait for any reason you can think of Jeff.  “Just Do It!”

We’ll bring back this saying with Jubi.

We share because we care and when a company pays 100 percent of their active members daily 100 percent of the time with or without personal referrals, . . . . . “It Will Grow”.

Margaret Gore

“If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done.”

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