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The Team Will Challenge The Leader

The Team Will Challenge The Leader

Team Work

By: Margaret Gore

There are a number of causes why team will challenge the leader and cause a team to fail , and why there’s a lack of productivity or answer ability within assorted teams. Communication and effective interpersonal skills are crucial tools for a team’s survival. Frequently, a team merely needs a good “airing” of the issues during team meetings. Here are some of the most general reasons that keep teams from accomplishing maximum performance:

The Team Will Challenge The Leader

Backstabbing. If you’re the team leader and backstabbing is a problem, suggest that the team come up with a rule. Illustration: if there’s any backstabbing among team members and they can’t settle it on their own, it goes before the team leader.

nterrupting. This is a general challenge in meetings. Have the team come up with a rule like, “No one is allowed to speak till the other individual finishes and you raise your hand.” Remember, it begins with the team leader.


“Tangents.” A team is going off on tangents in meetings. If you’re the team leader, tactfully ask the rest of the group if they wish to hear any more about the matter being discussed. If not, let that individual know they may talk with you privately after the meeting. Remember tactfulness and diplomacy.

 The Team Will Challenge The Leader

Whining. Have an unwritten rule that team members have to come up with a resolution whenever they complain. You can hold up cue cards with a sad face if someone whined excessively. It adds humor to the meetings but gets the point across.

Not portioning out job knowledge, communication. This is so crucial it should be in every employee’s job description. Sharing of job knowledge, skills and ideas is key to a team’s success. Regardless how many team constructing exercises you engage in, your team won’t be generative without this simple rule.

Tardiness. Is there a team member who’s consistently late with assignments? What is the affect on the morale of the team? Have a personal standard in writing for what is considered “late.” This helps, as well, with accountability.

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