How To Close Sales With Your Prospects

How To Close Sales With Your Prospects

Here are 5 types of closing questions you can use on Webinars, Live Presentations, on the phone or in person that I have had lots of success with during my years in business.
Be sure that before you read on that you are only using these techniques for good services that will actually benefit your prospect to the fullest…

If there if no need to fill, don’t get your prospects to do something against their will. a TRUE close is when they sell themselves on your product or opportunity, not when you make the decision for them. People love to buy things that they need and want, but they hate being sold, especially on things that would probably do them more harm than good. READ ON!!!!

1. After giving any part of your presentation, you can ask
“Are you with me so far?”
“How does that sound?”
“Do you see what I mean?”
“Does that make sense?”
Always listen carefully to not only what they say, but to how they say it.
Your tonality is everything, if they talk slow, you talk slow, if they talk fast, you talk fast. Match them and meet them where they are at and they listen to you.
Always allow a few seconds after they respond to give them time to add something else. Let them do the talking… You just do the presentation ask questions and identify a need before and after it’s done.

2. Anytime you give a benefit, ask,
“How would you use that?”
“Could you use that?”
“Would that work for you?”
“Would that be of benefit in your situation?”
Again, LISTEN to what and how they respond…

3. Another good question to ask throughout your presentation is,
“Do you have any questions so far?”
This is one of the best questions to ask, and it’s also one of the least used. You’d be amazed by the kinds of questions you’ll get, and each one reveals what your prospect is thinking. You must use this question often! They will show you their “REAL” Reason for being interested in your produce, service, or mentorship.

4. Trial closes are always good too… Examples are
“Does this seem to be the kind of solution you are looking for?”
“How is this sounding so far?”
or, with a smile in your voice, “Am I getting close to having a new client yet?”
Even though that sounds cheesy, you’d be amazed by how it will often break the ice and get your prospect to lower his/her guard!

5. When you’re done with your presentation, always ask,
“What haven’t I covered yet that is important to you?”
Always remember if you talk to fast and do all the pitching and don’t let them do any talking at all you will come across as DESPERATE for a sale and your prospect will read right through you and will start to believe that you don’t really care about his or her needs at all! all you care about is getting YOUR SALE.

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