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A Free Telephone Number For Your Home Biz

A Free Telephone Number For Your Home Biz

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Not only will you get the telephone number but you will get numerous attractive features, including voice mail, call forwarding and text messaging, you can call anywhere in the United States you want for free. Home biz distributors with team members in other states can easily communicate and disseminate information using the conference call feature. It even has voice transcription capabilities and email alerts. It is simple to set up and easy to use. You can gain access to this service by signing up for a free Google Account.

Having a separate phone line for your home biz-related business calls makes good business sense. First of all, it will help you foster a professional image. You will be able to publish your home biz phone number on business cards, marketing materials, and on the Internet while protecting the privacy of your personal phones. Through your control panel, you will have access to a log of all incoming calls and text messages. This feature could become very valuable to you as your business grows.

A Free Telephone Number For Your Home Biz

By using Google Voice, home biz distributors can create distinct and separate business identities for their business. Users of the service can select a single telephone number from area codes all across the United States. From a strategic viewpoint, a distributor can use this feature to expand their business into a new local market. For example, a distributor living in Austin can establish a business presence in Chicago by selecting a phone number with a Chicago area code. Through your control panel, that number can be forwarded to any landline or cell phone.


Google voice is not limited to being a voice messaging center. You can also make free telephone calls to anyone in the United States directly through your computer. Though you can achieve acceptable quality with the external microphone and speakers on your computer, you can enhance the quality by using a Voice Over IP (VOIP) headset or USB phone.

A Free Telephone Number For Your Home Biz

Both of devices can be plugged into the USB port of your computer. An Internet connection is required to make phone calls using this service. All calls made to US phone numbers are free. You may call landlines, cell phones, or VOIP phones, and there are no limits on the usage.

If you have team members or customers in countries outside of the United States, Google Voice offers International calling at affordable rates. You can make these calls by buying Google credits in advance of your call. Your balances are logged and tracked within your control panel for your reference.

To make integration and access even more convenient, Google Voice has an app for various manufacturers of smartphones that enables you to view and manage your account on the go.

With the convenience, accessibility, and full-fledged features that it offers, Google Voice can enhance the growth of any distributor’s home biz business.

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