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Empowered Home Biz Tip – How Long Does It Take?

Empowered Home Biz Tip – How Long Does It Take?


There is no question…the world is looking for a speedy solution to everything. And for those looking to start a home business, it’s no different. Everybody wants to start on Monday and have the money pouring in on Tuesday. But how long DOES it take to create a successful home business? A week, a month, a year? What’s the magic number? Is there a magic number? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you might want to read the rest of this article. However, you might not like the answer you get.

I guess the thing that makes me chuckle the most is this. If you were to start a business in the brick and mortar world, you’d probably have to wait two years before you got out of the red. Heck, most new businesses fold up shop long before that. And yet, here you are, starting a home business and royally ticked off because it’s been two months and you haven’t seen a profit. Yeah, I get a real chuckle out of this.

Okay, here is the answer that you’re not going to like. How long does it take to create a successful home business? As long as it takes for you to do the following:

Margaret Swomgirl

1. Find a niche and a hungry buying market with money to spend on a solution to a problem that they’re having.

2. Find or create a product or service that solves that problem. If you can’t find one or one doesn’t exist, you either have to create it yourself or hire somebody to create it for you.

3. Develop an ad campaign that will effectively reach that target market and convey the benefits of purchasing the solution from you and NOT from your competitors.

4. Continue doing this on an ongoing basis, making sure that you keep up with current trends in the market and/or changes…ensuring that you stay one step ahead of your competition.

I could keep going but I think you get the point. For some people, the above is a piece of cake. They can do it in their sleep. They’ve tapped into just the right market and have just the right product. They can write ads that make Madison Avenue jealous. For others, the above is near impossible either because they don’t have the education, the money, or both.

Wherever you fall in that mix, make no mistake about it…creating a successful home business takes a lot of work. How hard you’re willing to work and how much work you’re willing to put in will greatly determine how successful you’ll be and how quickly that success will come.

Like I said, not the answer you wanted to hear.

Were you really surprised?

To YOUR Success,

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