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How Oprah Made Her Billions

How Oprah Made Her Billions

Houses all over the world. Money coming in while
she sleeps. The FREEDOM to do whatever she wants…

Yup…Oprah has a pretty good life. And she’s worked hard to get it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the things that
made her super successful and implement them in your
life right now? Without having to go through all the
pains that she went through?

Of course!

Let’s start with the BEST strategy of hers…the most
powerful tool, by far, that she utilizes to bring in her

She Has Built an Active Audience. In Internet Marketing
terms, she’s Built an ACTIVE LIST!

Why does building a list bring in massive dollars?

– You have an active group of people who get to
know you, like you and want what you have to
Which means…

– You can turn to your list at any given moment
and make money.

Oprah wasn’t in the magazine business, but when she
decided she wanted to be, all she had to do was create
a valuable product (O Magazine). Because she had
built an active audience, they bought it up like crazy
and Wallah!…another revenue source for Oprah!

Now, I should mention there are a few rules to building
an active list.

1. Get the right people on your list. If you have
a list of 100,000 construction workers, it doesn’t
really amount to anything if you’re selling women’s
shoes. Get people on your list who are interested in
who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Respect your list. Over selling to your list can be
catastrophic – Imagine if Oprah sent her audience
Emails every day selling her products? After a while,
not only would they not be fans anymore, but they
would keep others away!

3. Always give value. The key to keeping your list active
is to always provide value to them. Give them information,
stories or products and services they would like.

The strategy of building an active list is truly the foundation
to a massively successful Internet Marketing business!

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