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Power Lead System In Pre Launch

Power Lead System In Pre Launch

By Margaret Swomgirl Gore

Power Lead System In Pre Launch


 Tracking the numbers and over the last 27 days, on average, when someone referred 1 person to the PLS, that has turned into 10.47 MORE people because of the VIRAL nature of the PLS.

If you’d like to see how FAST the PLS is growing, then go to the following link. If you aren’t familiar with Alexa, it is the site that ranks websites with the most traffic.

If you EVER get your website in the Top 100,000 (the lower the number the better as their #1 ranking is for the site with the most traffic in the WORLD).

If you scroll down the page and look at the last 7 days in the “What are this site’s historical traffic trends?” section,  you will see that for
the last 7 days we were # 3634 website in the WORLD!

Power Lead System In Pre Launch 

What does that mean … only 3633 websites had more traffic in the last 7 days than us! And to put this into perspective, as of December 2012 there were approximately 633 MILLION websites which means …To be in the Top 1 %, you would have an Alexa ranking of 6.33 Million …And to be in the Top 1/100 of 1% would mean an Alexa ranking of 63,300

So  ranking of 3634 for the last WEEK means we were in the top 1/1000 of 1% which has been done in 26 DAYS! There’s a reason for the “buzz” with PLS and it is because …We have an amazing product.The company behind the “product” is Priceless Possibilities. They’ve been developing websites since 1999 and literally put millions of dollars into what they have created.

The other reason for the “buzz” with PLS is avery attractive compensation plan. If you haven’t watched the comp plan video
on our Early Notification List page, we invite you to do so soon. To watch the video go to the following and click on the 2nd tab above the video.

The 6 minute video will show you why so many
people want the Power Lead System.

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