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Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors

Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors

By: Margaret Gore

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In todays world of bad economy, no jobs, more seniors retiring with less retirement money, could be you lost almost half your retirement 401k monies back in 2008 and who wants to stay on the job during their golden years to make up that lost income.. .

Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors

so many do not and i was one who did not want to spend years on the job when my plan was to come out from under the corporate umbrella at the desired year i planned for it.

Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors

1. Beachbody Coach  

No licensing or certification required. A home business that will give you the opportunity to help others while not neclecting yourself…this opportunity will help you to keep the focus on yourself knowing that it will only give you more incentitive to help others. I drink the Shakeology everyday which is a healthy meal replacement and you must take into account this is not just a shake but a meal replacement thats what sets this business opportunty apart from others. I started on the shakeology and it lowered my cholesterol from 258 to 205…my doctor was so amazed she popped the question how in the world did you do that…Beachbody: Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors http://myshakeology.com/mgorefitness

Best Home Business Opportunities For Seniors

2. Motor Club Of America

Motor club of america is also a great business opportunity for senors. If you love helping people solve problems.. you may want to consider motor club of america. Here you can offer your customers roadside services, alot like AAA but an enormous host of benefits including medical all for only $19.99 a month…I love this service because i get unlimited towing all year around and up to 100 miles..plus dental and eyeglass care and you get paid a referral bonus of $80.00 every person you sign up for the membership…just think 20 $19.99 memberships equals almost $2,000 dollars and thats paid weekly straight to your bank account. www.motorclubofamericasite.com 




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