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To build wealth you must have purpose

To build wealth you must have purpose

By Margaret Swomgirl Gore

To build wealth you must have purpose

So many People are and do have a mixed up idea when it comes to money and having wealth along with that money. It is truely amazing  how so many people just want yo assume that wealthy people with the money thinks only of themselves and not reedy people. It’s kinda sad, because a big secret financial success is not what most people think it is. 

Their are truly different kinds of wealth that will change  the way you think about money.It is that energy that makes you want to get out of bed and start your day, 

Money is nothing more than money.it does not buy you happiness, nor love, not even a friend you may have your eye on . Money however should be used as a tool and  It is a very powerful tool. You use money to buy yourself good food buy a home and clothing . You can however use money to buy more quality foods and classier clothes and a big big house  You may ask yourself what is all of this for? What does it mean? How long wil all this last? will you be satisfied with it?

You Probably will  not be for long. if that’s how  you will choose to use your money,  You just may end up miserable and in debt. 

Secrets to making your dollars stretch

It does not matter how much money you make , everyone wants the most they can get out of their money!

When we start making some money,we start spending it.  The bigger our paycheck is the more money we want to spend, . Its called and addiction to things.

Bu do you know that you can change all that. One of the reason you need to change that way that you have is because “who are you doing all of this for and one thing for sure its not for the Glory of God and its not for your children…You are consumed with much greed and that is not a healthy lifestyle…eventially it will bring you down and a feeling of emptiness

You will need to start placing  purpose to your money.  Began to use money not for yourself but to impact other people  When you have a vision for your money, when you have a purpose for making money, you will make more of it.

Work to make money to help other people…your church, maybe some fundraising ideas, belong to an organization where you can be of help to people…for then you will experience the real reason for money..

You have to put purpose to your money and that”s how you will make more money and be more productive. And why? Because you have a reason for making money each and every day. Youhave a reason for working hard. You have a reason for producing results and increasing your value .

The work you do,  no matter what it may be its should not be about just making the money for stuff because its not all about just the work…Now you will have purpose 

When you have money, you can use it to impact others.  You can contribute to communities you care about. You can build wealth that will be an  impact future generations.

When your motivation is not just to make money, but also to truly serve, you will see incredible results – with people, your time, and your money. That is when  amazing things happening , your business will take off. That is when you will see your investments getting larger,  bank account growing. When you WORK and place PURPOSE to money.

So here is the question is do you have purpose for your money? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you go to work every day?  Is it so you can have a nice house, fast cars, and lots of stuff? Or do you have a bigger vision?

Why not Take some time to think about it. This will build strength, and leadership, excellence, and diligence for you and your family.

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