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Who is Solavei Affordable Phone Service for Everyone

Who is Solavei Affordable Phone Service for Everyone


Solavei is a social commerce network offering contract-free mobile service in the United States. The company is known for its use of incentivized referral plans and social network advertising program. In addition to its mobile phone services, Solavei operates a social commerce network for its users. Ryan Wuerch founded the company in 2012. As of 2013, Solavei had 140 employees and was valued by investors at $120 million.


Solavei recently changed the compensation plan that encourages kind of a “bottom-up” mentality in that everyone gets paid from their very first activation.  That’s pretty cool, and over 30K people started getting commission that weren’t when they made the change.

That supports growth of a network.  It’s like kindle starting a fire to light the “big logs”, and then you have a sustainable fire.


Solavei also changed the model to focus on team building not individuals building customers on their first two levels.

This too encourages a leader to help his organization grow no matter what level, position, etc as the size of the team is very important to maximizing the compensation plan.

One downfall, however, is that Solavei isn’t (and never was) designed to earn quick money upfront.  Solavei is a residual build to be certain since there is no cost to join (ie no upfront profits other than $50 each 3 you add when you start), but solid income once it gets built.

Solavei is working on including some of the services  offered to companies that can pay you upfront commissions that are pretty substantial along with the residual payout that Solavei offers?

Imagine that you could get your own prepaid phone website with unlocking services, phone insurance, accessories, phones (needed when you market locally in my opinion on Craigslist etc), Solavei services and maybe offer DirecTV for $100 commission when you refer the service?


If you marketed on Craigslist with well written ads, and a legitimate website that made you look professional with nice commercials, do you think it would weed out the junk on Craigslist?  Do you think you could be more profitable because of increased credibility?  Would Solavei look more legitimate if it was presented in a professional environment for strangers that are seeing it for the first time?  My experience tells me that as you add products and services, you open the door for communication to address an individuals or companies needs or problems.  Savings, improved technology or even income concerns get uncovered.

This is part of the solavei vision.  envision a Solavei Dealer Network that will help drive traffic to your team members throughout the country, and we’ll even teach them how to get leads and sales in your local market as well.


Think real traditional business with real products with an emphasis on building your Solavei business at the same time.  Think competing with local mom and pop cell phone stores with no internet presence with a “face” on it.  People buy from people, and when in doubt, they buy from people they know, like or have trust in. Get More Information On Solavei Here


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