TLN EZ Resolution For Weight Loss

TLN EZ Resolution For Weight Loss


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Keep it simple!!!!
RESOLUTION is a product is not only a weight loss product. It’s a maintenance product.
It’s a natural energy product.
It’s appetite suppressant.
But most of all its like having a Coach in a bottle that you carry everywhere with you in you pocket for the moments in life that you need it.
It will also Re program;
1)Metabolism like new
2)Your glands like new
3)Fat reserves lock them so your chance of a rebounding is minimum
Must count your calories…
Eat 750-1200 a day
The closer you stay to 760 calories the more you will loose. You can loose 1-3 LBs on RESOLUTION a day.
If you eat the foods you are not supposed to eat you will get a sensation of dizziness and/or nauseousness. And if you do not stop eating the restricted foods it can cause you to vomiting.
(It will feel just like morning sickness)
Restricted 4 food categories are:
1)Foods with sugar added. No exemptions
(You may try natural sweeteners like 100% stevia and 100% honey) Warning natural juices and many foods purchased in supermarkets have sugar added! Look at ingredients!!!
2)foods made with Flour.. No exceptions!
Bread, tortillas, even Pastas, ect… And yes even wheat bread!
3) all fried foods. Cooked canola and/or lard
4) NO CHOCOLATE!!! Period
Go against this list of four things and you will provoke feeling nauseous and or vomiting
Believe me. Your body will start to repulse against foods that cause it to feel bad. Your body naturally reprograms not to ask for those foods.
After you are off the resolution. You may not be able to eat those items right away. It may take up to a week to get RESOLUTION out of your system.
After a week you may eat those items. And you will be ok. But you will discover that your body will taste everything fantastic but naturally will not binge eat on those items and in most cases your body will not even want those items no more but you can eat them and you will be ok.
Using RESOLUTION as a maintenance product.
If you are at the weight you want. But know you are weak when it comes to some foods.
I.E. Pizza, chocolate, ice cream ,cookies..ect
You can take 5-10 drops 30 min prior to a party, outing ect… This will prevent you from loosing control. And just use it when you feel weakness with foods.

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