Why You Should Have Multiple Streams Of Income

Why You Should Have Multiple Streams Of Income

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Back in the old days, before the word “hacker” meant somebody who broke into web sites and causes chaos all over the Internet, the term referred to somebody who kept working at something, even if he didn’t have all the perfect answers, but hacked at it enough so that eventually he got something out of it. I consider myself that kind of person. Why? Well, I don’t focus on any one type of Internet marketing strategy to make my 6 figure a year income.

Why You Should Have Multiple Streams Of Income


Oh sure, there are those who specialize in AdWords and only do affiliate marketing and are very successful in the process…but not all of us are so fortunate to be able to do one thing really well…not matter how hard we try. This article is going to show you, through a real life example (me) how you don’t have to be an expert in any one area to make a good living online.

I don’t hardly use AdWords at all. But I still do quite well for myself. But how? Well, it comes from a variety of marketing tactics and a variety of products.

For starters, I do a lot of article writing. This writing alone accounts for 67% of my online income. But it’s not just from the writing. See, I sprinkle it about like fairy dust. Some of it goes to article directories, some to my own blogs and sites and some even go to other people’s blogs as a guest author. I even do some writing for fee as well. All these little things add up.

Why You Should Have Multiple Streams Of Income


However, I don’t just use article writing as my main source of promotion. I use many other cheap or even free methods of advertising that are quite effective. I also participate in forums, which is one of the best things you can do…as long as you add value to that forum.

In addition to my many ways of promotion, I don’t just have one product that I sell. I have many. None of these by themselves break any sales records, but all combined, they do very well. Not only that, but I also do some affiliate marketing as well. If I find a product out there that is worth promoting, I’ll promote it.

I also earn a little money from eBay as well. I don’t do a lot of it, but it’s a great way to pick up some quick cash. The key is to make sure that you’re selling something that people actually want. Then all you have to do is put out a great ad with a great guarantee.

Why You Should Have Multiple Streams Of Income

The above doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I do online. The point is, I don’t specialize. If you do and that income stream goes south, for whatever reason, then what? I never have to worry about one of my income streams drying up.

There’s always another one to take it’s place.

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